Our Mission Statement

Advocate Media is dedicated to providing free, hyperlocal news

Advocate Media is dedicated to providing free, hyperlocal news that helps neighbors make informed civic and personal decisions. By providing targeted publications for neighborhoods city-wide and without charge to the widest readership possible — without regard for income, race or status — we democratize our city and ensure all communities have a seat at the table. As a nonprofit, we now rely on nosey neighbors like you!

Our story

More than 31 years ago, a few Dallas residents wanted to talk with neighbors — without regard to income, race or economic status — about the things happening around us in an unbiased, helpful and informative manner. We began in a guest bedroom and an attic without air-conditioning. We distributed door-to-door at night after finishing our full-time jobs and tucking our kids into bed. And we asked readers to send us story ideas about everything from school events to business openings to concerning city issues.

That first monthly newspaper became five glossy print magazines covering Lakewood/East Dallas, Oak Cliff, Preston Hollow, Lake Highlands and Plano — each with companion opt-in email lists along with web and social media sites.

Our mission remains the same: Provide free, local news to everyone who cares about our neighborhoods.

Our hope: Read our publications, and learn something about our neighborhoods, our neighbors and ourselves.

Our Staff

Say ‘Hello!’ to the friendly folks working hard behind scenes of the Advocate.

Jehadu Abshiro
Jehadu AbshiroPresident/Publisher